Cargojet Boeing 767 experienced tailstrike during take-off from Tokyo-Narita International

A Cargojet Airways Boeing 767-300 freighter suffered a tailstrike during take-off from Tokyo Narita’s runway 16R on 29th August.

The aircraft, with registration C-GUAJ, was operating flight W8-1328 from Tokyo Narita to Vancouver with two crew members on board when it suffered the tailstrike during rotation for takeoff. 

However, despite the strike, the crew continued its journey, assuming that there was nothing wrong with the aircraft. It landed in Vancouver some 8 hours and 15 minutes after departure. As seen in the footage shared on the internet, the aircraft emitted a puff of smoke. 

Um @Boeing 767-300BCF (C-GUAJ) da @CargoJetAirways se envolveu em um tailstrike na decolagem do aeroporto de Narita (NRT), em Tóquio, na noite de ontem (Brasília).

Apesar do incidente, a aeronave seguiu viagem para Vancouver (YYR) normalmente.

📺: Jack Yossy.

— AERO Magazine (@Aero_Magazine) August 29, 2021

After the controller noticed the tailstrike, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Narita Airport Office officials inspected the runway. A scratch of 31 meters long, 15 cm wide and 1-2 cm deep was found.

Runway A was closed soon after for around an hour and a half. One of the centerline lights was damaged, and it was fixed shortly. According to the airport officials, one arriving flight and six departure flights were delayed by up to 35 minutes.

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