KLM Boeing 747 Collided With An Airbus A330 In Amsterdam

The Boeing 747 was awaiting its final destination. Photo: Nicky Boogaard via Flickr

On Sunday, a KLM Boeing 747-400M collided with a KLM Airbus 330-200 on ground at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The Boeing 747 was recently retired after 21 years in service.

The incident took place during towing. The Airbus A330-200 was being towed when its wing hit the jumbo jet’s nose, causing a long dent in the fuselage. However, the extent of the damage to the Airbus A330 is not known.

Ongelukje op Schiphol! Een deuk in de neus van @klm Boeing 747, na “aanvaring” met ander @KLM toestel (vermoedelijk ook een 747) ✈️ #incident #avgeek #avgeeks #klm #aviation #planespotting pic.twitter.com/Ikn20pZs60

— The Mic High Club Luchtvaart Podcast (@MicHighClub) November 16, 2020

The Boeing 747-400M, with registration PH-BFV was delivered to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines back in August, 1999 and is currently 21.3 years old. 

KLM’s Boeing 747s are officially retired and the aircraft was awaiting its final destination.

Whereas the Airbus A330-200, with registration PH-AOM was delivered to the Dutch carrier back in October, 2010 and is currently 10.2 years old.

Regarding recent ground collisions, the Dutch Trade Union Confederation said that these incidents are due to high workload for airport ground staff.

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