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European Aviation Safety Agency has said that Boeing 737 Max aircraft could be able to return back into service in Europe before the end of 2020.

Europe’s regulator said that he was satisfied with the changes made on the troubled Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Although, the EASA has declared it safe, some of the additional changes asked by the agency won’t be ready for the next two years.

Bloomberg reported that the EASA is reportedly performing final document reviews ahead of a draft airworthiness directive expected by the agency to be issued in November. EASA conducted test flights in September.

Patrick Ky, executive director of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency also said that the airworthiness directive would be followed by four weeks of public comments.

Boeing 737 Max
Airlines are bearing loss due to 737 Max grounding Photo: Tim Jue

In an interview, Ky said:

“Our analysis is showing that this is safe, and the level of safety reached is high enough for us.”

He also said that the EASA has mandated the sensor on the Boeing 737 Max 10 variant of the before its planned debut in 2022. This sensor will also be retrofitted on other versions as well.

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