A British Pilot Who Murdered His One-Year-Old Daughter Has Been Jailed For 20 Years – Aero World

Credit: East2West News

A British captain, Mohamed Barakat, has been jailed for 20 years for murdering his one-year-old daughter, Sophia, at a luxury hotel in Kazakhstan. 

The pilot reportedly crushed the brains and fractured his daughter’s skull while he was drunk and high on drugs. He even had beaten his Kazakh wife, Madina.

CCTV evidence showing Madina carrying her baby to the hotel’s lobby in the early morning of October 24 last year was showed in the court.

Credit: East2West News

The judge Bakhytkhan Bakirbayev said that the wounds were caused by repeated impact with hard objects and surfaces.

Barakat’s wife was in tears, covering her face with her left palm as she listened to the court’s verdict.

She had even asked the judge to find her husband not guilty, telling she wanted to have more children with him.

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