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Rossiya Airlines has announced that it will be acquiring seven ex-British Airways Boeing 747s. All of these seven Boeing 747s are the 747-400 variants.

Rossiya Airlines is an Aeroflot subsidiary that currently operates a fleet of 54 planes, including nine 747-400s and 10 777-300s. However, all of these nine 747s are second-hand.

Although the full details haven’t yet been announced, the seven ex-British Boeing 747s registrations are G-BYGA, G-BYGB, G-BYGC, G-BYGD, G-BYGE, G-BYGF, and G-BYGG.

The Russian carrier is set to take delivery of these seven Boeing 747-400s during October and November. The nine 747s currently in Rossiya’s fleet were originally in service with Singapore or Japan Airlines.

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With the addition of these seven aircraft, Rossiya will become the largest of the 747-400 passenger variant operator, with 16 aircraft in service. These planes are all around 21 years old.

Rossiya’s B747s operate a variety of routes, including high-capacity domestic routes around Russia, as well as international services to Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, and Egypt.

These planes will likely be deployed in similar routes to Rossiya’s current 747 fleet, which includes high-demand domestic flights for Russian leisure travelers. In addition, these 747s will operate international flights to Indonesia, Phuket, Turkey, and Egypt. 

These routes also include flights between Moscow – Phuket, Moscow – Bangkok, Moscow – Zanzibar, and St. Petersburg – Sochi.

However, sources claim that the interiors of the aircraft will remain unchanged with some minor changes, which means that the plane will retain its first, business, and economy class cabins. 

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However, the airline may remove the premium economy section from the planes in order to increase the capacity. The Russian carrier has maintained the cabins of airlines it purchased planes from including the currently owned nine Boeing 747s along with 777s.

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