Lufthansa To Retire It’s Entire Fleet Of Airbus A380’s and Boeing 747-400’s – Aero World

Lufthansa plans to retire all of its A380s and B747s. Photo: UpintheSky

Lufthansa is planning to retire its entire fleet of Airbus A380s and Boeing 747-400s along with a handful of Airbus A340s. This information reportedly came from people familiar with the matter.

While airlines around the globe have been parking their aircraft citing a huge decrease in demand for air travel. The airlines are not expecting this issue to be resolved anytime soon.

Lufthansa has already retired six of its Airbus A380s, 10 A340-600s as well as 5 Boeing 747-400s. Along with this, the German flag carrier has already retired 11 Airbus A320s from short-haul operations.

Lufthansa is largest Airbus A340 operator Photo: JetPhotos
As of the end of June, Lufthansa Group has eight A380s, 43 A340s, and eight 747-400s. However, many of these quad-jets are already temporarily parked including all of the A380s.

This latest fleet cuts plan would surpass the 100-aircraft reduction so far disclosed by Lufthansa, with job losses exceeding the 22,000 by the time the Coronavirus crisis is over.

However, Lufthansa may keep a handful of younger A340-600s  preserving capacity for busier routes, the people familiar said. 

Lufthansa aircraft parked at Frankfurt Airport Photo: Bloomberg

The group has so far said that while it aims to mothball about 300 planes next year and 200 in 2022.

This new move would leave Lufthansa with a four-engined fleet limited mainly to Boeing 747-8I jumbos in addition to some A340s.

Lufthansa has a fleet of 19 Boeing 747-8I, the youngest of which is just five years old.

Lufthansa has grounded the majority of its aircraft due to the current environment at different locations across Europe.

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