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An Omni Air Boeing 767-300ER landing at 
Bucharest Baneasa airport suffered a left-hand main landing gear collapse on 28th August.

The aircraft was operating a charter flight OY-703 from Kabul, Afghanistan to Washington, United States, with a scheduled stopover in Bucharest. The aircraft was supposed to continue on to the Washington DC after refueling in Bucharest, Romania.

The aircraft was carrying 49 passengers along with 15 crew members. Emergency slides were used to evacuate the passengers from the aircraft. However, no injuries have been reported. 

The aircraft continued to skid along the runway after landing at 14:53 local time on Runway 07 in Romania, about two seconds after smooth touchdown.

The aircraft continued to skid along the runway 07 for about 1000 meters (3280 feet) with its right main gear, aft belly, and left engine cowl, nose gear lifted off the ground again. During this, the left engine of the aircraft made direct contact with the runway.

Mai devreme la #București: trenul de aterizare principal de pe partea stângă a unui @boeing 767-300ER (N423AX) @OmniAir a cedat după aterizare. Avionul zbura din Kabul spre București iar după realimentare mai departe spre Washingon DC.

Foto: anon + Andrei Scripa

— BoardingPass (@BoardingPassRO) August 28, 2020

Following the incident, a NOTAM was issued which indicates that the runway remains closed.

The Boeing 767-300ER with registration N423AX was delivered to Omni Air International back in June 2014. The aircraft is powered by two General Electric CF6 engines.

Photo: Wikimedia

However, the aircraft was initially delivered to Continental Airlines back in 1996 and is currently 24.6 years old.

Omni Air is an airline headquartered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The airline focuses mainly on passenger charter services, along with Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance wet leasing.

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