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The FedEx 767 made an emergency landing at LAX. Photo: Los Angeles Fire Department

A FedEx Boeing 767 Freighter made an emergency landing in Los Angeles (LAX) Airport after the left main gear didn’t extend during the final approach. One of the pilots received injuries during the evacuation on landing.

The plane landed without the left gear locked and in place. This lead it to come to rest with the engine holding the plane up on the left-hand side.

The FedEx Boeing 767F was operating flight FX1026 from New York Liberty (EWR) to Los Angeles (LAX). Although the aircraft departed on time from Newark, the flight was delayed by 48 minutes.

Photo: Aroosh N (via Samchui)

The Incident…

The aircraft was on final approach to Los Angeles’s runway 24R when the crew received an unsafe gear indication, the left main gear was not down and locked. The aircraft went around and entered a hold at 5000 feet while the crew was working the checklists. 

After that, the crew performed a low approach to runway 24L, an inspection from the ground could not solidly determine whether the left main gear was down, the gear doors were open. 

The aircraft was held for over an hour. Screenshot: Flightadar.com

The LAX tower offered to have somebody placed to the runway for another inspection from the ground, the crew decided to perform another low approach. After that, the aircraft positioned for another approach to runway 24L descending to about 300 feet now. 

According to reports, operations vehicles placed along the runway reported the left main gear did not appear in position. The crew advised they needed to talk to operations and maintenance, but they suspected there was not a lot more they could do. 

The aircraft subsequently entered another hold at 5000 feet for about 40 minutes. The aircraft then performed a partial gear down landing on runway 25R about 45 minutes after the second low approach. 

Photo: Aroosh N (via Samchui)

On landing, the aircraft came to a stop on the centerline of the runway sitting on its nose gear, right main gear, and left engine cowling. 

The crew evacuated the aircraft through the cockpit window via a rope. One of the pilots received injuries during the evacuation.

Video shared on the internet shows sparks emitted as the aircraft slid along the runway, with the engine under the left-wing scraping against the pavement.

There were only two pilots onboard the aircraft. Los Angeles City firefighters responded to the airport around 3:50 a.m., according to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

What the airline said…

In a statement, FedEx said that they are “grateful that our flight crew is safe and that no one was seriously injured”.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and National Transportation Safety Board have launched an administration. The runway remains closed.

The investigation has been launched. Photo: Boeing

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