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Two Hong Kong Express Airbus A321’s have been damaged due to a ground incident at Hong Kong International Airport.

Photos shared on the internet show that the left-wing of one of the Hong Kong Express A321 passenger aircraft crashed into the nose of another Hong Kong Express A321 aircraft.

The incident happened on August 12, 2020. The police received a call from the airport personnel after the incident between two Airbus A321s on the west apron.

However, it is still unclear exactly what happened, but it might be due to mistake of tug driver or other personnel such as ramp workers. Regarding the incident, an investigation will only detail what went wrong.

Neither of the two planes involved in the incident were carrying passengers. The airline confirmed that the two passenger planes were towed at the Hong Kong Airport this morning and no one was injured in the incident.

The Aircraft

The two Airbus A321’s involved were B-LEG and B-LEF. Both of these A321’s are operated by HK Express on lease. Both of these A321’s have not flown any flights since March.

The HK Express A321-200 with registration B-LEG was delivered to the Cathay Pacific subsidiary on September, 2017 and is currently under 3 years old.

Photo: HK Express

The other A321-200, with registration B-LEF was delivered to the airline back in August, 2017 and is currently 3 years old.

These Airbus A321-200s have a total capacity of 230 passengers. Being a low-cost airline, all HK Express aircraft operate in a single-class economy configuration.

Hong Kong Express suspended all operations in March. The low-cost arm of Cathay Pacific has begun gradually resuming flight operations in early August 2020. 

HK Express is owned by Cathay Pacific. Photo: Getty

Although, the airline has resumed flight operations, majority of the airline’s 25 Airbus aircraft remain grounded.

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