A Former AirAsia Pilot Commited Suicide After Losing His Job

A former AirAsia pilot committed suicide when he jumped from his condominium unit in Puchong, near Serdang, Malaysia, on Monday this week.

According to the Serdang District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Ismadi Borhan, the Ex-AirAsia pilot as well as musician was depressed after he lost his job, which was his source of income. He also could not meet commitments. Borhan said:

“Our initial investigations showed that the victim had fallen from the 12th floor of his condominium. We have also ruled out any foul play in his sudden death.”

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The low-cost carriers staff and musicians are mourning the loss of retrenched pilot and multi-instrumentalist, Sanjiv Daevin. This incident left the staffs and musicians shocked, confused, and heartbroken over Sanjiv’s fall from the 12th floor of his apartment.

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Sanjiv, along with around 100 pilots were laid off by the airline back in March, after the global outbreak of coronavirus pandemic. He was a flight captain when he was laid off.

According the airlines record, he joined the AirAsia Academy back in 2007 and moved on as a flight officer in 2012 before becoming a captain with the low-cost carrier.

Although, the commissioner said the late captain was depressed, a senior AirAsia staff said Sanjiv seemed okay when he was in the office last week to get a reference letter.

Music Career

The 35-year old pilot had also been a part of a local fusion band called Aseana Percussion Unit (A.P.U). On their Facebook page, the band wrote:

“On behalf of Aseana Percussion Unit and our family members, with a heavy heart, we would like to inform that our dearest violinist, keyboardist and percussionist, Sanjiv Daevin has returned home this morning to be with his Lord.”

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According to the Band Operation Director Mohamed Ariff, Sanjiv had started his music career in A.P.U in their band leader music school called Music Mart when he was 17-years-old.

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He was supposed to be celebrating his birthday on August 12 where he will turn 36-years-old.

Sanjiv also taught piano, bass and violin at his Music Mart school in Petaling Jaya before he joined the AirAsia Academy.

Photo: Aseana Percussion Unit 

Sanjiv’s remains were cremated at the DBKL Crematorium in Cheras this afternoon.

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  1. So very sad to read at d demise of the young man,not only a former pilotbt also a talented musician. Suicide doesn't solve problems. Condolence to his family members. May his soul rest in peace. D M'sian govt shouldn't extend d RMCO, which wl create more unemployment, mental health problems, loss of business and more bankruptcies. Does it justify to shut down d country's economy just because of a small no. of people having a viral infection? D Spanish flu pandemic in 1918 killed some 50 million people bt no shutting down of economy by countries thn. So no unprecedented economic collapses like what's happening nw. Leaders of countries should reflect and have d courage to do what's right for their country n people. May God bless everyone.

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