Trigana Air Boeing 737 Damaged During Unstable Landing (Video)

Trigana Air Boeing 737 Damaged During Unstable Landing. Photo: From Web

A Trigana Air Boeing 737-300 freighter suffered serious damage to the outer flap, after the aircraft touched down with the left-wing low at Wamena Airport, Indonesia.

The Trigana Boeing 737 appeared from a low cloud ceiling and made an unstable approach towards the runway, as seen in the footage shared on internet. The aircraft made a hair raising approach towards the runway.

In the video below, the plane can be seen coming fast out of the low cloud and landing in a display of airmanship one person called “atrocious” and another called “completely stupid.”

The aircraft was operating a domestic flight from Jayapura-Sentani Airport, Jayapur, the capital of the Indonesian province of Papua to Wamena Airport, Indonesia with 2 crew and 14 tons of goods. The airport remained in operation after the incident.

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During approach, the aircraft rolled left and right as it touched down, the left wing tip and flaps made contact with the runway surface, causing damage to the aircraft. The aircraft rolled out with no further incident.

After the incident, both crew were taken to a hospital for checks. The aircraft sustained damage to flaps fairing, outboard flaps and wing tip, as seen clearly in the footage.

The Boeing 737-300F, with registration PK-YSZ was delivered to Trigana Air Service back in December, 2010. The aircraft was initially delivered to China Southwest Airlines back in July, 1986 as a passenger aircraft.

The aircraft is 34.2 years old. Photo: Twitter

The aircraft is currently 34.2 years old. The aircraft was in service with Air China until 2002. Before Trigana Air, the aircraft was in service with Okay Air since November, 2006.

Recently, back in January, another Trigana Air Services Boeing 737-300F (PK-YSG) was involved in a runway excursion in Jayapura, with four crew members on board. The aircraft suffered serious undercarriage damage.

Trigana Air Service Boeing 737-300F (PK-YSG, built 1988) received serious undercarriage damage in a runway excursion on landing at Jayapura-Sentani Airport (WAJJ), Indonesia. All 4 crew escaped without serious injuries. @demokrasicoid

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Indonesia’s National Transportation Safety Committee has opened an investigation into the incident involving Trigana Air Services Boeing 737-300F.

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