Not Recent But Still Amazing Space Shuttle Launch Video And Audio (HD 1080p)

This video was made for all the people who dreamed of seeing a launch in person but were never able to make the trip themselves.

This video was made using dozens of different video sources and countless audio versions of Shuttle launches by mixing those little clip together to mimic as close an experience to the real thing.

After the successful launch of SpaceX, few of the viewers expressed their thoughts saying:

* Not gonna lie this one looked a bit more impressive than the SpaceX launch, although both are impressive in their own way, the shuttle and the capsule are very different and there is much more power needed to lift an 80 Ton Shuttle.

* SpaceX’s launch was cool but…this was on another level! Nothing like the Space Shuttle.

* This is insane, imagine the power it takes to launch this thing at these speeds.

* Getting Q’d is the Digital equivalent of receiving The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

What are your thoughts on this launch video? Should we post other similar videos frequently? Feel free to share with us in the comments below:

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