Singapore Airlines Sends Two More Airbus A380s To Alice Spring for Long-term Storage

Singapore Airlines Sends Two More Airbus A380s To Alice Spring. Photo: Wikimedia

Singapore Airlines has sent two more Airbus A380s to Alice Springs in Australia, for long-term storage.

According to flight tracking website, these two A380s had registrations 9V-SKP and 9V-SKQ. With this, the number of Singapore Airlines A380 stored in Alice Spring rises to 6 aircraft.

9V-SKQ made its journey on June 26th as flight SQ8867 whereas 9V-SKP flew the next day as SQ8865. The actual flight time for the aircraft was just over five hours. 

Flight time was just over five hours. Photo: Flightradar24

As of now, 13 out of 19 Airbus A380 are stored in Singapore Changi, whereas other 6 are transferred to Alice Springs for long-term storage.

After recent addition of these two  A380s, these aircraft join four superjumbos that flew back in late April. Their registration numbers of all these stored A380s are as follows:

  • 9V-SKP
  • 9V-SKQ
  • 9V-SKT
  • 9V-SKW
  • 9V-SKY
  • 9V-SKZ
Photo: Steve Strike via @airplusnews

Alice Springs is an Asia Pacific Aircraft Storage facility positioned in the middle of Australia. This central part of Australia is surrounded by the vast desert outback. Alice Spring is just a few hundred miles away from the accurate center of Australia.

However, Qantas has spent hundred of thousand dollars to store it’s Boeing 747s and Airbus A380s aircraft in California.

Photo: Getty Images

This region and its arid climate are consistently dry with very little rain, no storms, and relatively low humidity. Humidity is the main concern that brings about corrosion for aircraft components.

“It’s low humidity, it’s low rainfall, it’s the ideal climate for asset preservation,” APAS owner and manager Tom Vincent told the Financial Times last year.

The surface of this region is solid enough to support the massive weight of these jumbo aircraft. Many other aircraft are also stored in the facility as of now.

Photo: Steve Strike via @airplusnews

Currently, along with these six A380s, Alice Springs is also host for three of Singapore Airlines’ Boeing 777-200ERs along with two Scoot Airbus A320s. 

In addition to this, SilkAir’s fleet of six Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft have been at ASP for more than six months, due to current pandemic. 

This is the moment YouTuber Warren Scale caught on camera the first Singapore Airlines A380s landing at Alice Springs.

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