Engine of TUI Fly Boeing 787 Dreamliner Damaged at Amsterdam Schiphol (Video)

Engine of TUI Boeing 787 Dreamliner Damaged at Schiphol.

A TUI Boeing 787-8 was damaged at Amsterdam Schiphol, while it was being towed to the stand for a flight.

The TUI Boeing 787’s engine suffered damaged  after a tow truck pulled the aircraft against an air bridge. Images of the incident show that the Dreamliner came to an abrupt halt. 

The plane was supposed to fly to Curacao after a long time. A dent in the nacelle can be seen in the image shared in internet.

The plane was supposed to fly to Curacao. Photo: TUI

Regarding the incident, an airline spokeswoman told the site the airline quickly arranged another Boeing 787. She also stated that the first was the first TUI flight to Curacao in a long time.

However, TUI does not yet know how big the damage is and how exactly it could have gone wrong. “That is being investigated,” said the spokeswoman.

Investigation is being carried out. Photo: Wikimedia

She was unable to say the registration of the aircraft involved in the incident.

However, after reviewing flights on aviation tacking site Flightradar24.com, the 787 Dreamliner involved in the incident was a 5.3 years old aircraft.

The aircraft (probably with registration PH-TFM) was delivered to the TUI Group back in March 2015 and have been in operation with TUI Netherlands since October, 2015.

The aircraft involved was likely to be a 5.3 years old 787. Photo: Getty

The flight to Curacao was later operated by another TUI Boeing 787 Dreamliner, with registration PH-TFK. 

The replacement 787 aircraft was delivered to TUI Group back in June 2014 and is currently 6.1 years old. The aircraft have been in service with TUI Netherlands since October, 2015.

Watch the full footage of the incident below:
TUI 787 damaged while being towed onto stand at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. pic.twitter.com/0rzWH9NQGm

— Breaking Aviation News & Videos (@breakingavnews) July 3, 2020

(Feature image from twitter)

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