Boeing Set to Begin 737 Max Recertification Flight from Monday with FAA Pilots

One of the key steps in the safe return of the grounded Boeing 737 MAX could take place as soon as Monday

Boeing Set to Begin 737 Max Recertification Flight. Photo: Getty

Boeing 737 Max recertification flights are due to start from Monday (i.e. 29th June). According to sources close to the matter, a three-day process is scheduled to check the airworthiness of the grounded jet.

According to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) spokesperson, Boeing has received clearance to begin test flights of its grounded 737 Max jet. The three day long test flights could begin as early as Monday.

Pilots and technical experts from US regulators and the company are understood to be planning three days of tests, possibly starting from Monday.

737 MAX stored
FAA pleased with Boeing’s progress on 737 MAX  Photo: Reuters

Boeing’s work horse was grounded last year in March after being involved in two fatal crashes that killed all 346 people on board the aircraft.

The tests are a milestone for Boeing, but even if they go well, months of further safety checks will be needed until the aircraft return back into service.

In a letter to Congress on Sunday, the FAA said it does not yet have a date for when the grounding will be lifted.

Boeing 737 Max
Airlines are bearing loss due to 737 Max grounding Photo: Tim Jue

In the letter, the administration wrote to lawmakers:

“Flights with FAA test pilots could begin as early as tomorrow, evaluating Boeing’s proposed changes to the automated flight control system on the 737 MAX.”

Boeing has been working closely with the FAA. Photo: Getty

Boeing has been working closely with the FAA and other regulators to get the 737 Max back in the air following two crashes that killed 346 people. 

The company had initially hoped the plane would fly again before the end of 2019, but the effort hit a number of barriers, including a new software issue that was discovered in February.

Boeing 737 max
FAA pilots will be on board the test flights. Photo: Boeing

Last Friday, the FAA said that it was reviewing Boeing’s documentation for certification flights.

Boeing 737 MAX
Boeing cut its 737 MAX production back in January. Photo: Reuters

Now just after two days the FAA has permitted Boeing to start recertification flights.

After the completion of three-day long recertication flights, the Federal Aviation Administration would then need to approve new pilot training procedures and complete other steps.

However, the FAA would not likely approve the plane’s ungrounding until September, the sources said.

Boeing 737 MAX
Airlines have already removed the 737 Max from schedule.

Airlines have already said that they will need at least 30 days after the FAA grants approval for pilot training, software updates and required maintenance.

Boeing has already carried out over 1,000 test and production flights to ensure that the 737 MAX is safe to fly again. 

Boeing 737 Max
The test flight will begin in Seattle. Photo: Boeing

The test flights will begin with a briefing in Seattle on Monday. After that, the practical assessment in a 737 MAX 7.

Pilots and crews from FAA and Boeing will be testing the aircraft across number of scenarios, including touch-and-go landings. In addition, teams will navigate mid-air situations, starting with steep-banking turns advancing to more extreme stunts.

The test flights will be crucial for assessing the new and improved MCAS software.

737 MAX
Over 400 already built MAX are in Boeing storage Photo: Reuters

Boeing suspended the production of its 737 Max back in January 2020, after considering its financial state. Over 400 newly built 737 Max are currently in storage.

The Max’s grounding costs has increased by $2.6 billion over the last quarter totaling just over $18 billion.

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