Iberia Set To Retire It’s Entire Airbus A340 Fleet

Iberia confirmed the retirement of its Airbus A340-600s earlier than previously planned.

Iberia Set To Retire It’s Entire Airbus A340 Fleet Photo: Iberia

In addition to this, sources also say that Iberia is looking forward to delay the deliveries of some of the Airbus A350s and Airbus A320neo aircraft it has on order. 

Iberia spokesperson confirmed the retirement plans along with delivery delays saying:

“That information is correct. It was included in an internal message we sent to our employees today.”

Iberia is the only remaining A340 operator in Europe. Photo: Airbus

The Spanish flag carrier brought forward the retirement due to the coronavirus pandemic and sharp decline in demand for air travel.

While airlines around the globe are parking their aircraft citing huge decrease in demand for air travel. The airlines are not expecting this issue to be resolved anytime soon.

Before the pandemic, Iberia had planned to reduce its Airbus A340-600 fleet down to 10 aircraft this year, five by 2022 and then retire all of them by 2025.

Iberia has 14 Airbus A340-600s in it’s fleet. Photo: Aeronews

Currently, Iberia has 14 Airbus A340-600s in it’s fleet, with an average age of 13.9 years old. Out of 14, only one is in active service due to travel restrictions.

The oldest one with registration EC-INO was delivered to the airlines back in June 2003 and is currently 17 years old. Whereas, EC-LFS is the youngest one. It was delivered in July 2010 and is only 10 years old.

Lufthansa also recently retired Airbus A340. Photo: JetPhotos

Iberia was the only European airline still operating the Airbus A340s, after Virgin Atlantic and Lufthansa retired their Airbus A340 fleet in March and May respectively.

These Airbus A340s will be replaced by the modern, fuel-efficient Airbus A350-900 aircraft. As of now, Iberia has 6 Airbus A350-900s in it’s fleet along with 14 more on order.

Iberia will replace these A340s with A350-900s. Photo: Iberia

With twin-engined planes with the likes of Airbus A350 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner being popular among airlines all over the world, it comes to no surprise to the aviation industry.

Airlines have already set the retirement dates of their less-efficient four-engined aircraft before the coronavirus crisis grounded these jumbos.

Recently, Emirates has prepared it’s first Airbus A380 for retirement in days to come. The aircraft was repainted white and is currently parked at Dubai International Airport.

Emirates Prepares Its First Airbus A380 Super Jumbo For Retirement
Emirates first A380 painted white for retirement. Photo: @Saeed_AlAli

Lufthansa has also announced that it will be retiring six of its Airbus A380s immediately along with handful of A340s, Boeing 747s and older A320s as well.

Along with this, Air France has also announced that it will permanently retire all of its remaining Airbus A380 superjumbos from service. These A380s were initially planned to be retired in 2022.

Breaking: Air France To Retire Its Entire Airbus A380 Fleet
Air France To Retire Its Entire Airbus A380 Fleet Photo: Getty

Along with the quad-jets airlines are also retiring older twin-engined aircraft as well, replacing them with newer fuel-efficient aircraft.

American Airlines has also said that it will be retiring 105 aircraft including all of their Boeing 757s and 767s earlier than expected along with some 737s, Embraer 190s and A330s.

American to retire 150 aircraft Photo: American

However, before the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic airlines were planning to retire older less-efficient aircraft from their fleets gradually, this has pushed the retirements earlier, as these planes sit on the ground.

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