American Airlines To Put 141 Aircraft Back In Service To Boost Flights

American Airlines is planning to restore domestic capacity by restoring 141 narrowbody aircraft from storage in July.

American Airlines To restore 141 Aircraft Back In Service To Boost Flights. Photo: American

As travelers return to the skies faster than expected earlier amid the corona virus pandemic, American Airlines will restore 141 aircraft to support an increase in July service.

The carrier will bring back 83 Airbus A320 family aircraft and 58 Boeing 737 jets, which had been in storage around different locations in the U.S. These jets would be back in air in a couple of weeks.

Currently, these narrowbody planes are in storage in Tulsa, Pittsburg among other locations across the United States.

This indicates an increase in demand for travel. Photo: American

This decision is made to support an increase in demand for air travel during the month of July. This shows that passengers are starting to return, at least for domestic travel.

Along with this, American Airlines is in line with Delta Airlines and United Airlines in bringing back aircraft that had been parked across airports and storage facilities. 

Delta has also started to restore stored aircraft Photo: Ben Bearup

These moves by the big three airlines shows that customers are starting to return back in sky, earlier in July than expected previously. 

This move also indicates that the worst has passed, with flights being increased along with addition of routes to beach destinations, mountain states and cities with amusement parks.

American had parked more than 435 aircraft after the outbreak of the corona virus. The carrier also permanently retire 105 aircraft from its fleet.

More than 435 American Airlines Jets are grounded. Photo: Reuters

American Airlines retired 34 Boeing 757s, 17 767s, 76 Boeing 737s, which were acquired between 1999 and 2001, 20 Embraer E190s and 9 A330-300s.

American took the decision to retire them back in April, when the travel restrictions nearly wiped out the demand for air travel.

During the month of July, American Airlines will have about 4,000 flights, up from 2,300 in June, as said by the Texas-based carrier last week. 

AA is planning to operate over 4,000 flights in a busy day in July. Photo: Getty

Delta Airlines is also planning to operate twice as many domestic flights in July as it operated in May. However, expected growth is not disclosed by the carrier.

United Airlines is also planning to restore 140 nonstop U.S and Canada routes in July. Domestic capacity will be 30% of its July 2019 capacity, up from 13% in June.

United has also planned to increase flights. Photo: Diego Perez

Along with this, United and American Airlines are also restoring selective international routes to destinations including Caribbean, Latin America and some Asian destinations. 

American Airlines will resume international service from Dallas-Fort Worth to Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt, as well as service from Miami to Antigua in the Caribbean and Guayaquil.

The carrier will also resume service to Quito in South America from Miami. American has also restored additional service to London-Heathrow from Chicago and New York.

American will slowly resume international flights. 

However, American will delay the return of some previously announced international routes, including service from Philadelphia and Charlotte to August.

When do you think the global air travel will return back to it’s previous form? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below:

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