Pakistan Airbus A320 Crash Black Box Recovered

The worst air disaster in Pakistan since 2012 killed at least 97 passengers and crew members on-board.

Pakistan Airbus A320 Crash Black Box Recovered
The black box of PIA A320 crash have been retrieved Photo: Getty Images

The rescue team have retrieved the flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder from the Pakistan International Airline Airbus A320 plane crash site in Karachi.

According to PIA spokesman Abdullah Khan, the “Black box” was found at the crash site in the southern Pakistan city of Karachi near Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport, Pakistan.

The Airbus A320 was performing flight from Lahore to Karachi. A total of 99 people on-board. 91 passengers and 7 crew members were on-board the aircraft.

Another CCTV video of #PlaneCrash from another angle #Karachi #Airbus320 #PK8303

— Gharidah Farooqi (@GFarooqi) May 22, 2020

The 15 years old plane crashed into a crowded residential area near Karachi International Airport during its second approach after performing a go-around.

The aircraft performed a go around when it was at about 275 feet at 9:34am. Then it ascended to 3175 feet. The jet lost signal at 525 feet at 9:40am.

Bank of Punjab President Zafar Masud being rescued by local heroes after the PIA aircraft crash in Karachi

— Murtaza Ali Shah (@MurtazaViews) May 22, 2020

Two passengers survived the deadly crash whereas other 97 bodies have been recovered from the crash site, according to Pakistan Armed Forces spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar.

Footage has emerged of people being rescued from the crash site. However, it’s not known whether these were passengers or individuals injured on ground. 

A kid rescued from the debris of the PIA plane crash site in Karachi. #planecrash

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Although, the plane crashed in a residential area, the plane did not hit any buildings and on one on the ground appears to have been killed.

In an audio recording obtained by CNN from a Pakistani government source, the pilot was heard saying, “We are proceeding direct, we have lost engines.”

:Pakistan Airbus A320 Crash Black Box Recovered

Then the ATC asks the pilot to confirm that the plane will have a belly landing, a condition where an aircraft lands without deploying its landing gear.

However, it is still unclear why the air traffic control was discussing such a landing. The pilot’s response is inaudible in the record.

Later the pilot can be heard giving several May Day calls. Then the ATC informed him that both runways are available for landing. Shortly after, the contact with the plane was lost.

Pakistan Airbus A320 Crash Black Box Recovered
Many people on ground were injured Photo: Getty Images

Regarding the deadly crash Airbus Chief Executive Officer, Guillaume Faury, said:

“We at Airbus are deeply saddened by the tragic news of flight PK8303. My thoughts and those of my Airbus colleagues, go to the families and loved ones affected.”

Pakistan Airbus A320 Crash Black Box Recovered
This is the worst air incident in Pakistan since 2012. Photo: Getty Images

This Airbus A320 crash is the worst air disaster in Pakistan since 2012.

Aero World expresses its condolence to those who have lost their family and friends in the incident.

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