Lufthansa’s First Boeing 777X Spotted In Seattle

Lufthansa’s first Boeing 777X was spotted outside the factory for the first time in Seattle. Lufthansa is the launch customer of the Boeing 777X aircraft.

Lufthansa's First Boeing 777X Spotted In Seattle
Lufthansa’s first Boeing 777X has been spotted Photo: Lufthansa

The aircraft was seen on the Everett flight line at Paine Field. Paine Field serves Boeing’s production facilities in Seattle, Washington.

The aircraft is registered with tail-number D-ABTA and is of the longer 777-9 variant. Lufthansa has a total of 20 Boeing 777-9 aircraft on order. Lufthansa ordered the Boeing 777X back in November 2013, along with Etihad Airways.

Initially, Lufthansa had ordered 34 aircraft but last year in November, the German flag-carrier transformed 14 of these aircraft into options.

Lufthansa 777X D-ABTA on the Everett flightline

— Paine Airport (@mattcawby) May 12, 2020

Boeing has planned to deliver the first Lufthansa 777X early next year. However, the aircraft was to be delivered in summer this year, as planned earlier.

Boeing had expected to deliver the first Lufthansa 777X aircraft later this year. But due to the engine issues, the first delivery is not expected to occur until this year. 

Lufthansa's First Boeing 777X Spotted In Seattle
Lufthansa will receive its first 777X next year Photo: Lufthansa

The engine trouble delayed the first flight along with the testing schedule for the aircraft. The Boeing 777X is powered by the world’s largest commercial plane engine General Electric GE9X. 

After continuous delays, Boeing 777X performed its maiden flight back in January. The manufacturer is now working too deliver the first aircraft by the first quarter of 2021.

Lufthansa has planned to introduce brand new business class concept with the Boeing 777X. So, this aircraft will feature accordingly, when it will be delivered.

Lufthansa's First Boeing 777X Spotted In Seattle
Lufthansa’s 777X will feature new business class concept at first Photo: Lufthansa

Boeing has resumed certification test flights of the latest 777X aircraft in late April. The aircraft was on ground for a month following a pause to its Washington area operations after an employee working in the Everett factory died due to the corona virus. 

The Boeing 777X will directly compete with the Airbus A350-1000 aircraft. The 777X is also expected to become a candidate for airlines looking to replace older jumbo jets like Boeing 747 and the now discontinued Airbus A380 quad jets.

The Airbus A350 has already proved itself as the preferred choice for airlines. It currently operates on the world’s longest flight between Singapore and Newark.

Lufthansa's First Boeing 777X Spotted In Seattle
Boeing 777X has received 309 orders so far Photo: Boeing 

As of December last year, the 777X has a combined order for 309 firm orders from 8 specified customers. Lufthansa, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, All Nippon Airways, Qatar Airways, British Airways and Singapore Airlines, alongside an unidentified customer are going to be the early operators for the type.

Emirates, the largest operator by order size is expected to take delivery of the aircraft after Lufthansa. Emirates, initially ordered 150 Boeing 777X aircraft, but later removed 24 in November, 2019.

Lufthansa's First Boeing 777X Spotted In Seattle
Cathay is planning to defer order for the Boeing 777X Photo: Reuters

However, due to ongoing coronavirus pandemic, some of these orders seem to be cancelled or deferred as of now. However, the first delivery does not seem to be delayed further, with no further complications.

Airlines who are operating previous Boeing 777 models are considering to extend the lifespan along with leasing contracts for their Boeing 777-300ER’s, after huge drop in fuel price due to ongoing crisis.

Lufthansa's First Boeing 777X Spotted In Seattle
Boeing 777X seems to be a headache for Boeing now Photo: Boeing

In this situation, the Boeing 777X seems to be a huge headache for the manufacturer. However, the aircraft may see rise in order after the corona virus pandemic.

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