Emirates Flights To Remain Grounded Until At Least July

Emirates will not resume regular flights until at least 1st of July, keeping majority of it’s fleet grounded in Dubai.

Emirates Flights To Remain Grounded Until At Least July
All of the airlines A380 are grounded Photo: Emirates

The carrier initially suspended regular flights inn March for two weeks. However, according to its updated schedule, it seems that the carrier will only operate handful of repatriation flights along with cargo flights.

The carrier had planned to begin increasing flights before the end of May but reservations for all flights between 15 May and 30 June have already been suspended as of now. 

A number of scheduled flights will recommence on 1st of July, just as the third quarter begins. However, reconsidering travel restrictions, these scheduled flights could be revised time and again.

Emirates was forced to suspend its entire regular flights after the United Arab Emirates closed its borders on 20th of March. The carrier only continued cargo operations.

Emirates Flights To Remain Grounded Until At Least July
Emirates have been operating repatriation flight on Boeing 777-300 ER Photo: Emirates

However, the airline began operating flights to several destinations including London Heathrow, Paris, Zurich, Frankfurt and Manila from 6th of April. 

These flights were operated to help stranded travelers return home. All of these flights were operated on the Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.

As Emirates is a global airline, each and every single of its flights international. So, its schedule mainly relies on borders being open.

Majority of Emirates aircraft are grounded in Dubai Photo: Emirates

Emirates is also seen as an indicator of when the international air travel is likely to improve and return back to its normal condition. The carriers’ decision will be observed closely by all the airlines.

As of now, the carrier is only operating repatriation flights from its hub in Dubai to destination mainly in Europe along with cargo-only flights from across the globe.

Few weeks earlier, Emirates CEO and Chairman, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum said:

“Our network can only be restored with the easing of travel restrictions, and we maintain close contact with all authorities for latest updates.”

Emirates Flights To Remain Grounded Until At Least July
Emirates staff will now have to wear full safety kits Photo: Emirates

Emirates has stepped up COVID-19 precautions on-board its flights along with its hub in Dubai. The airline has been taking steps to protect both staffs and passengers.

In a statement, Emirates said that “all cabin crew, boarding agents and ground staff in direct contact with passengers will now don personal protective equipment, which includes a protective disposable gown over their uniform, and a safety visor,” along with masks and globes.

Along with this the airline has removed inflight magazines and other reading materials to prevent germs. The carrier has asked all passengers to wear a mask and gloves until they disembark the plane.

Emirates Flights To Remain Grounded Until At Least July
Dubai Airport has implemented social distancing among passengers Photo: Emirates

Similarly, Dubai airport has had marks added, helping to maintain correct distance among passengers while queuing at the airport. All passengers will be seated with at least a vacant seat between two passengers as pre-allocated.

Emirates has been disinfecting each aircraft after each and every flight at Dubai Airport. These measures are encouraging people opt. for the carrier to fly.

Emirates Flights To Remain Grounded Until At Least July
All Emirates aircraft are disinfected completely after every flight Photo: Emirates

However, these safety measures are adding extra cost and effort in its operation. This indicates how badly the airline is suffering and how desperate the airline is to fly back again in its normal schedule.

When do you think international air travel will return back to its previous state? Will other airlines implement similar changes? Feel free to share in the comments below:

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