Chateauroux Airport Runway Gave In Due To British Airways A380 Weight

British Airways A380 too heavy for Charteauroux taxiways Photo: Jonathan Zaninger

Yesterday, one of the Chateauroux Airport taxiways gave in due to the heavy weight of a British Airways Airbus A380.

The British Airways A380 with registration G-XLED landed in Chateauroux Airport in France for long-term storage due to on-going situations.

The aircraft landed at around 10:30 local time. The A380 was parked on the taxiway alongside other BA A380’s that had already arrived earlier for the same purpose.

From footage, it is clearly seen that the BA A380 sank into the pavement when it was taxiing to its parking stand on the runway. This has damaged the pavement.

The pavement has been damaged severely Photo: @Airline_Kitty

Probably, this incident took place due to heavy weight of the Airbus A380. Along with this, number of wide-bodies including BA A380’s were also stored on the same taxiway nearby.

An Airbus A380 has an Operating Empty Weight (OEW) of 277 tonnes and Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of 575 tonnes.

British Airways had already sent six of its Airbus A380’s to Chateauroux for storage last week citing low demand for air travel. Whereas, remaining six were around it’s bases in UK. 

So uh, I think Châteauroux needs a bit of resurfacing or the pilots need to go on a diet?? 🥴 #a380

Credit: Nigel/Nigellas (various sources forwarded to AK)

— Airline Kitty (@airline_kitty) April 15, 2020

Recently, British Airways announced that it will send more A380’s to Chateauroux Airport. Currently, seven out of 12 British Airways Airbus A380s are parked at the airport in France.

These seven A380’s have the following registration numbers: G-XLEA, G-XLEC, G-XLED, G-XLEF, G-XLEI, G-XLEJ and G-XLEL, G-XLED being the latest aircraft that arrived yesterday.

Here is the drone footage of the stored A380s:

How long do you think these beauties would be stored at the airport in France? 

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