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A women walked into Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport without any clothes and was arrested by the cops after she refused to leave the airport.

The Women approached to the Spirit Airlines counter Photo: JetPhotos

Mariel Vergara, 27 years old, of Pueblo, Colo was completely nude when she walked into the airport, according to authorities. She then made her way to the Spirit Airlines ticket counter on the night of April 3rd. This led the airport authority to call the police.

However, by the time a deputy officer has arrived, the officer noted that the women has already put on a dress. It is unknown from where she got the dress.

But she still remained in violation of public decency laws because her dress was too short to cover her genitals. In addition, Vergara was not wearing any undergarments, the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office said.

The Women was informed that she couldn’t travel Photo: Getty

Airlines officials informed her that she wouldn’t be able to travel due to her attire or limited clothing. She was asked to leave the airport by the airline employees.

However, she refused to leave ignoring the deputies’ orders and also scuffled with the police officers as she was being taken into custody.

She was then arrested by the cops and booked for a number of cases including obscenity, battery of a police officer and refusal to leave the airport after being forbidden.

Passenger should maintain a sense of decency during travel Photo: JetPhotos

As passengers are asked to maintain a standard of decency in public places, an aircraft is also one of them. This law also ensures that a passenger is properly clothed.

Although, people do not prefer suit and other casual long sleeve dresses, passengers are still expected to cover at least the private areas and remains so during flight.

The passenger is also expected to treat other people travelling alongside himher with respect and decency.

As reported, it is unclear why she arrived without any clothes at the airport nor why she refused to wear proper dress.

New design of Louis Armstrong New Orleans Airport Photo: SNCLavalin

She was held at the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center in Gretna when she got arrested by the police at the airport.

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