Tow Truck Crashes Into A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737

A tow truck has crashed into a Boeing Malaysia Airlines Boeing 737-800 at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Tow Truck hit Malaysian B737-800 Photo: BAN

This incident has caused serious damage to the aircraft’s airframe notably, underbelly and one of its engine, grounding the aircraft for longer.

However, no human injuries have been reported. The aircraft with registration 9M-MLL was delivered to the carrier on November, 2011 and is 8.4 years old as of now.

When the incident occurred, the aircraft was being towed from a remote stand at Kuala Lumpur Airport to a hanger.

The truck driver managed to get the truck completely struck underneath the aircraft as seen in the footage from the site.

[VIDEO] Malaysia Airlines 737 damaged at Kuala Lumpur Airport after tow truck incident. No injuries reported.

— Breaking Aviation News (@breakingavnews) April 7, 2020 

After the tow truck spun out of control and hit the aircraft, the driver was able to walk away safely, as seen in the video above.

Malaysia Airlines has 48 Boeing 737-800s in its fleet Photo: Pixel

As demand for air travel has decreased, the airline wasn’t to worried about the lack of aircraft due to the incident. Plus, the airline has a fleet of 48 Boeing 737s grounded and ready to be deployed to ferry medical supplies.

These Boeing 737 may have been scheduled to fly to short-haul destinations similar to Jakarta.

The airline has grounded its A380s Photo: FlywithMT

The airline has grounded majority of its aircraft like the Airbus A380s, A350s along with Boeing 737s, leaving only some A330s flying to handful of destinations.

The carrier has suspended its flight to London Heathrow and also reduced frequency in flights to Australia. 

The carrier is planning to restart as well as increase frequency to some of its international flights to and from Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Perth, Jakarta and Guangzhou.

The carrier deploys its A350s in its London flight Photo: Jet Photos

“Many customers from Malaysians to foreigners have reached out to our global offices requesting for available flights mostly between Kuala Lumper to Australia and New Zealand as well as to Kuala Lumpur onward to London,” said Izham Ismail, Malaysia Airlines group CEO.

The carrier has been operating cargo flights using its three Airbus A330-200F freighters, to ferry medical supplies and personnel along with life-saving devices to the hard-hit country around.

The carrier is ferrying medical supplies using A330-200F Photo: Planespotters 

The aircraft would be grounded for the foreseeable future following the incident.

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