Lufthansa Retires 7 Airbus A380s Along With A340s, Boeing 747s and A320s

Lufthansa has announced that it will be retiring seven of its Airbus A380s immediately along with handful of A340s, Boeing 747s and A320s as well.

Lufthansa set to retire 6 A380s immediately Photo: UpintheSky

While airlines around the globe are parking their aircraft citing huge decrease in demand for air travel. The airlines are not expecting this issue to be resolved anytime soon.

The group said that, “it will take months until the global travel restrictions are completely lifted and years until the worldwide demand for air travel returns to pre-crisis levels.”

Lufthansa is planning to retire 7 of its Airbus A380s, 10 A340-600s as well as 5 Boeing 747-400s. Along with this, 11 Airbus A320s will also be retired from short-haul operations.

Lufthansa currently has 13 Boeing 747-400s Photo: JetPhotos

As a result, Lufthansa’s capacity at its main hub in Frankfurt and Munich will be significantly reduced.

The 7 Airbus A380s were already scheduled for sale to Airbus in 2022. However, due to effects of coronavirus the retirement date is now moved earlier. As of now, it is unclear what will happen to these A380s.

However, the group said that, “The decision to phase out seven A340-600s and five Boeing 747-400s was taken based on the environmental as well as economic disadvantages of these aircraft types.” 

Furthermore, regional subsidiary, Lufthansa Cityline will withdraw 3 Airbus A340-300s from service. The regional subsidiary has been operating long-haul flights to tourist destinations for Lufthansa since 2015.

Lufthansa Cityline to withdraw three A340s Photo: JetPhotos

Similarly, Low-cost airline Eurowings will also phase out 10 of its Airbus A320s in the short-haul segment.

Eurowings to operate as a single unit Photo: JetPhotos

This decision marks the reduction of the group’s fleet by about 6% and the company is serious about being 20% smaller in future.

In addition, Germanings brand, which operates as a part of Eurowings will be discontinued and Eurowings objective of bundling flight operations into only one unit will now be accelerated.

Germanwings to suspend operation Photo: JetPhotos

Similarly, in case of its other subsidiaries, the group said:

“The restructuring programs already initiated at Austrian Airlines and Brussels Airlines will be further intensified due to the coronavirus crisis. Among other things, both companies are working on reducing their fleets.”

“Swiss International Airlines will also adjust its fleet size by delaying deliveries of new short haul aircraft and consider early phase-outs of older aircraft.”

The company also said that it will arrange talks with unions and workers council to discuss, among other things, new employment models in order to keep as many jobs as possible.

Lufthansa has a fleet of 14 Airbus A380s, 17 Airbus A340-600s along with 13 Boeing 747-400s before this decision was made.

Lufthansa is largest Airbus A340 operator Photo: JetPhotos

Lufthansa has grounded majority of its aircraft due to current environment at different locations across Europe.

Last week, American Airlines also also said that it will be retiring 105 aircraft including all of their 757s and 767s earlier than expected along with some 737s, Embraer 190s and A330s.

Lufthansa was the first one to trim flights in response of COVID-19 outbreak and the first to essentially ground the entire fleet of around 790 aircraft.

Lufthansa aircraft parked at Frankfurt Airport Photo: Bloomberg

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