Kenya Airways Pilot Dies Of Coronavirus Following New York Rescue Flight

A senior Kenya Airways Boeing 787 Captain has passed away, a week after commanding a repatriation flight to New York City, USA.

A Kenya Airways Captain has died due to coronavirus Photo: Flickr

Captain Daudi Kimuyu Kibati, became coronavirus affected on March 29th and passed away on April 1st, after performing his last flight a week before.

The announcement was made by the Health CS Mutahi Kugwe yesterday. The CS sent a condolence message to the family and friends of the Captain. Kabati was 63 years old.

He was in command Kenya Airways last flight from NY Photo: From web

Captain Kibati was in command of the last flight from New York to Nairobi, to flew back home Kenyans stranded in the US, before the government suspended all international flights on March 25th.

As our last flight departs JFK today, we are offering one-way complimentary tickets to Nairobi, to Kenyan citizens in urgent need. Please contact our team on +1(866)5369224 for more information. *All passengers will be subjected to entry/screening procedures instituted by the MOH

— Kenya Airways (@KenyaAirways) March 24, 2020

Following the flight’s arrival at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on March 24th, the 63-year old went into quarentine. He was also joined by his first officer.

Kabati was checked in at Nairabo Hospital after suffering breathing problem Photo: Kenya Airways

According to reports, Kabati was checked in at Nairobi Hospital on 29th March, after suffering breathing difficulties. Along with the captain, his first officer also tested positive for coronavirus.

Last week, the first COVID-19 death in Kenya was reported in Nairobi. At the time of writing, the death toll in Kenya due to the widespread virus has reached four. Kenya has so far reported a total of 126 cases along with four recoveries as of now.

Kabati’s brother said, “He tested positive for coronavirus on the eighth day after undergoing rigorous medical screening in all the cities he flew to, and three more tests in Nairobi which were negative.”

Kenya has suspended all international flights Photo: Kenya Airways

At this time of coronavirus pandemic, it is necessary to show appreciation for the flight crew who bravely face this virus danger to do their jobs.

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