Boeing worker at Everett plant dies from coronavirus

A Boeing Co’s Everett factory worker has died due to the coronavirus infection.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
First Boeing employee dies due to coronavirus Photo: Boeing

This death is the first death among the infected Boeing employees. Co-workers and a union of official along with a Facebook post by his brother confirmed the death.

He was working on Boeing 787 Dreamliner assembly line as an Inspector to the flight line at Everett factory as reported by his co-workers.

He was also a shop steward in the International Association of Machinists (IAM) as reported by the Seattle Times.

Boeing said that its 18 employees have tested positive for COVID-19 in the Puget Sound region at the end of Thursday. Along with this about 1,000 of its employees are in quarantine.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner
The employee used to work at 787 Dreamliner assembly line Photo: Boeing

However, the number of infected employees has risen to 29 as of Saturday, 24 of those in the Puget Sound area. 17 of the cases are confirmed in Everett.

“Boeing Everett plant, please close your doors and shut down. My brother is on life support. Please pray for him and all affected by the virus,” the victim’s brother pleaded to Boeing on Facebook, while his brother was in the ICU on Saturday.

However, last week it was reported that, Boeing has been considering a temporary work stoppage at the Everett factory, due to the widespread coronavirus pandemic.

The employee union has abstained from calling for a shutdown, as the employees depend on the paycheck.

Boeing 747-8
Boeing 747-8 are also built in Everett factory Photo: Boeing

Some of the employees have chosen to stay at home without pay since last week.

The name of the employee is not informed by the manufacturer, though it is aware of the social media post by his brother.

Boeing said that it is “taking the right steps to confirm the information while respecting the individual’s and the family privacy.”

Boeing Co’s share has gone down to $95.01 down 2.76% on Monday.

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