Syrian Military Mi-17 utility helicopter shot down over Al-Nayrab.

Turkish-backed Rebels shot down Syria Arab Air Force utility helicopter over Al-Nayrab, Syria.

syria mi-17 shot down
Syrian Military Mi-17 utility helicopter shot down over Al-Nayrab.

Was Trump right to pull American forces out of the continuing European quagmire?

A journalist and military aviation analyst, Babak Taghvaee, posted shocking footage captured when the Syrian Arab Air Force Mi-17 utility helicopter was shot down over Al-Nayrab.

It is clearly seen that the Turkish-backed rebels shot down the utility helicopter over the city of Idlib, killing both pilot and co-pilot. As of now, whether others were on board or not is not clarified.

An hour ago, this Mi-17 utility helicopter of #Syria Arab Air Force was shot-down over Al-Nayrab, #Idlib. #AlQaeda affiliated & #Turkish backed militias are trying to take responsibility, but it is certainly known that #Turkey targeted this helicopter.

— Babak Taghvaee (Backup) (@BabakTaghvaee1) February 11, 2020

“The helicopter was shot down to the south of the city of Islib, where the rebels supported by the Turkish artillery were advancing near the city of Nairab, to push back the forces led by Russia.” said Abdulah al Shami, commander of a coalition of factions.

The Turkish Defense Ministry said that last night, Turkish forces destroyed 101 Syrian government targets among the 115 attacked. Five Turkish soldiers were killed during this attacks. 

Additional attacks are being continued today in a wave of revenge by the Turkish forces.

The civil conflict has now invoked Turkish against Russian-backed Syrian forces. Turkey has one of the largest armies in the world. It is one of the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).  

Syria’s SANA news agency said, “The Turkish government continues its aggression aimed against the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic by deploying additional forces in the Idlib and Aleppo Provinces as well as carrying out strikes on Syrian territories, where civilian population resides, and a number of military facilities.”

In response to this incident, the Syrian Air Force carried-out airstrike at Turkish Army near Qaminas in the Eastern countryside of Idlib. They also bombed the Mi-17 crash site as per the same journalist.

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