Airbus A320 Nearly Shot Down Over Syria – Makes Emergency Landing

An Airbus A320 operated by Syrian Cham Wings made an emergency landing after nearly being shot down over syria.

Cham wings
Cham Wings A320 was nearly shot down Photo: Getty Images

The 27 year old registered YK-BAB was carrying 172 passengers on board. The aircraft was operating flight from Najaf, Iraq to Damascus, Syria on 6th Feburary, 2020. The aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing shortly after approach.

The aircraft landed safely at nearby Russian-controlled Khmeimim airbase. The aircraft suffered after Syria launched anti-aircraft missiles in response to attack by Israel. 

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According to The Washington Post, Russian Air Force spokesman Igor Konashenkov said an Israeli F-16 fighter aircraft fired eight missiles at targets near Damascus on Thursday, prompting Syria to retaliate.

Airbus news
The aircraft made emergency landing at a military airbase Photo: Flightradar24

He added that the Airbus A320 narrowly avoided being hit by the anti-aircraft fire launched in the Syrian sky.

The Russian Defense Ministry praised the quick actions of air traffic control (ATC) in Damascus for getting the aircraft safe from being shot.

In this regard, Konashenvok said, “Only thanks to prompt actions of dispatchers at Damascus airport and effective work of the automated system of monitoring air traffic, the Airbus A320 was escorted from the danger zone and assisted in successfully landing at an aerodrome at the Russian airbase Hmeymim.”

Airbus A320
Cham Wings operate an All-Airbus fleet A320s. Photo: Cham Wings

Cham Wings which was founded in 2007 operates with an All-Airbus fleet of four A320s.

A month ago Ukraine Airlines Boeing 737 was also shot down by Iran killing all 176 people on board. Reports say that there were 82 Iranian citizens and 63 Canadian citizens among others.

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Back in 2018, Syrian air defense shot down a Russian military aircraft, killing all 15 people on board. However, Israel has firmly denied any responsibility of the incident. 

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