New Boeing 737 MAX Software Issue Found: Airlines Suspend Operation Until June

Boeing has found new Boeing 737 MAX software issue that could keep the plane grounded longer than expected.

Boeing 737 MAX
New Boeing 737 MAX software problem found.

Boeing Co. said on Friday, during a recent technical review of its grounded 737 MAX, it observed an issue with the plane’s flight computers which monitors the whole operation of the aircraft.

Is this issue related to MCAS?

Boeing also stated that the issue is not related to the software updates which is being proposed to address the cause of two deadly crashes last year killing a total of 346 people.

Boeing still must conduct one or more demonstration flights with the FAA experts along with regulators on board, and bring airline pilots to test the changes that it s making.

As per reports, two separate flight control computers were found not communicating on startup as expected during an audit meeting with regulators last week.

However, this issue is not related to Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS).

Boeing 737 MAX
Major American airlines have removed the
 737 MAX from service until June

What Boeing has to say?

Boeing said, “We are making necessary updates and working with the FAA on submission of this change and keeping our customers and suppliers informed.”

“Our highest priority is ensuring the 737 MAX is safe and meets all regulatory requirements before it returns to service.” Boeing said in an statement.

Though FAA did not comment directly on the latest issue, it will ultimately have the final say on when the MAX will fly again.

How airlines are dealing with the MAX aircraft?

Boeing is also halting the production of its MAX series aircraft this month as said earlier. Southwest Airlines Co., United Airlines Holdings Inc. and American Airlines Group Inc. have said that they won’t fly the plane until June.

Boeing 737 MAX
This issue may push back its return date.

The 737 MAX issue is causing billions of dollar in loss the manufacturer. Boeing has been working since last March on fixing software to ensure that MCAS is safe.

Last week, the FAA and Boeing said that a wiring issue which may result in design change of the aircraft was found. They also said that they were working closely to fix it as soon as possible. It was reported that they were looking at whether two bundles of wiring are too close together which may lead to a short circuit.

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