Finnair Flight Attendant Seriously Injured After Falling Out Of Airbus A320

A Finnair flight attendant was seriously injured after falling out of an open aircraft door of an Airbus A320. The aircraft arrived on stand in Helsinki having just flown in from Oulu. This incident took place last Monday i.e. 13th January, 2020. After falling from a significant height of around 3.6m, she has suffered some broken parts.

A Finnair attendant fell off from an Airbus A320 in Helsinki

What had happened?

Finnar flight AY-450 was arriving into Helsinki from Oulu on Monday. Though passengers had already disembarked at the time of the accident, it is not clear why the door was opened.

The flight attendant fell from the aircraft back door. The crew member was seriously injured and transported to a hospital nearby.

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The Flight Attendant is still admitted in hospital

The fight attendant is supposed to have suffered serious injuries including broken bones. As reported, this was a rare and very unfortunate event. The aircraft involved continued to London after an hour of the accident.

As reported in an statement, a preliminary investigation following the serious incident was opened.

“Finnair takes all occupational safety issues seriously and will investigate the vents leading to this occurrence to ensure this will not happen again.” an official said.

Why did the FA open the door? 

Though passengers had already disembarked, the FA opened the door to give signal to the air stair driver. The bus didn’t leave for some reason. So the flight attendant opened the door and eventually fell off and got seriously injured.

In October, 2018 an Air India flight attendant fell from the open door of a Boeing 777 and sustained a right leg fracture along with fractures in both heels and soft tissue injury in her chest, abdomen and lower spine.

The incident took place at Helsinki Airport

The FA had been trying to close the door as the aircraft was being ready for departure. However, no ground equipment was attached to the aircraft.

We wish the Flight Attendant a speed recovery.

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