Airbus Bags Yet Another Strong Commercial Aircraft Performance In 2019

Airbus delivers strong commercial aircraft performance in 2019

Airbus delivers strong commercial performance in 2019

  • 863 aircraft deliveries, increase in 8% over 2018
  • 1,131 new aircraft orders, 768 net order
  • Backlog stands at 7,482 aircraft
Airbus delivered a total of 863 commercial aircraft to 99 customers from around the world in 2019, an increase of 8% from last year.
Airbus has become continuously successful over 17th year in a row to increase the production output.
Airbus also delivered 173 wide-body aircraft including A330, A350 and A380s in 2019, its highest number in a single year.
Airbus received a total of 1,131 new orders throughout the year. However, net order stood at 768, compared to 747 in 2018. This orders took Airbus to overall historic cumulative net orders over the 20,000 mark.

Order and Deliveries by Aircraft Model

Airbus Report 2019
Airbus delivered a record 863 aircraft in 2019 Photo: Airbus

Airbus A220 Family

The A220 received 63 net orders proving itself with airlines as the leading aircraft in this category. Airbus delivered 48 A220s comprising two models in 2019, compared to 20 last year (since the A220 become part of Airbus in 1 July, 2018).
As of December 2019, a total of 600 A220s including 95 -100 variant and 505 -300 have been ordered. Similarly, 105 aircraft have been delivered, backlog for A220 stands at 495 aircraft.

Airbus A320 Family

The A320 Family received a combined 654 net orders including an outstanding response for the new A321XLR, launched in the Paris Air Show last year. Similarly, Airbus delivered a record 642 A320s, compared to 626 last year.
Among 642 A320s delivered 551 were form NEO Family, compared to 386 in 2018.

As of December 2019, Airbus A320 Family has received a total of record 15,315 aircraft, comprising 8,127 from CEO Family and 7,188 from the NEO Family. Similarly, 9247 A320s have been delivered making it the most popular narrow-body in recent years. Backlog for A320 Family stands at 6,068 aircraft (66 from CEO and 6002 from NEO Family).

Airbus A330 Family

The Airbus A330 Family has received a total of 1,823 orders from the launch to till date. In 2019, Airbus delivered 53 A330s compared to 49 last year. Of these 53 delivered, 41 were from the  NEO Family, compared to just 3 in 2018.
As of December 2019, Airbus A330 has received a total of 1,823 orders comprising 1,486 CEOs and 337 NEOs. Similarly, Airbus has delivered a total of 1,492 A330s, including 1,448 CEOs and 44 NEOs. Backlog for A330 Family stands at 331 aircraft (38 CEOs and 293 NEOs).

Airbus A350 Family

The Airbus A350 Family has received a combine 926 orders including 750 -900 and 176 -1000 variant from the launch to till date. In 2019, Airbus delivered 112 A350s compared to 93 in 2018. Of these 112 A350s delivered, 25 were A350-1000.

As of December 2019, Airbus A350 order stands at 926 aircraft with 347 delivered till date. A350 Family Backlog stands at 579 aircraft.

Airbus A380 Family

Airbus A380
A380s production will end by 2021
Since, Airbus announced that A380 production would end by 2021 on 14th Feburary 2019, no new orders were placed. However, Airbus delivered 8 A380 throughout the year, compared to 12 A380s in 2018.
As of December 2019, Airbus A380 has received a total of 251 net orders with 242 aircraft already delivered. Backlog for the giant remains at just 9 aircraft.

What does the CEO has to say

Airbus CEO,Guillaume Faury said, “I am happy to see our commercial aircraft order and delivery numbers reflecting the continuous efforts to better serve our customers and bring our competitive products and services to the market.”
“I sincerely thank our customers for their loyalty and the Airbus teams and our industry partners who made it possible.” he added.
Airbus aircraft have proved themselves to be popular and efficient in the Aviation World. 

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