Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 Crashed In Iran Killing 176

An Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 crashed in Iran shortly after takeoff  in Iran killing all 176 on board.

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Ukraine International Airlines Boeing 737 Crashed In Iran Killing 180

Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 being operated on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft crashed shortly after take-off from Tehran outbound for Kyiv Boryspil. 

A total of 176 people including 167 passengers and nine crew members were on board. Earlier it was also stated that 180 people were on board. None of them survived in the fatal crash.

Killing a total of 176 people, it is the deadliest aviation incident in Iran in more than a decade, along with the worst accident involving a Boeing 737 NG.

However, officials said the 169 tickets were sold but two people had not boarded the plane.

Who were on board? 

According to the report, people from seven nationalities were on board. Majority of them were from Iran and Canada.

82 Iranians, 63 Canadians, 11 Ukrainians, 10 Swedes along with four Afghans, three Britons and three Germans were on board according to Ukraine Foreign Minister, Vadym Prystailo.

Ukraine air boeing crash
Majority of the passengers were from Iran and Canada

What the Ukrainian President has to say

President Volodymyr Zelensky warned against speculation or unchecked theories regarding the catastrophe until official reports were ready.

“My sincere condolences to the relatives and friends of all passengers and crew.” he added.
According to the airline president, there was no sign of problem with the plane before take off and the airplane had excellent, reliable crew.
Mr. Zelensky said, “Ukraine has organised special planes to fly to Iran to take back the bodies of those killed, pending Iran’s agreement.”
Though, no specific reason was hinted Iran’s official channels blamed a “Technical fault” within minutes of the crash.

Details from FlightRadar 

According to FlightRadaar24, the Boeing 737-800, registration UP-PSR was delivered new to Ukraine International 3.6 years ago. It was the older generation, obviously not the MAX, as those are grounded till date.
The plane took off from Tehran at 6:12am local time almost after an hour of 5.15am scheduled departure. The aircraft reached about 8,000ft before it got disappeared from the radar.

How Boeing responded?

Official’s from Boeing said, “This is a tragic event and our heartfelt thoughts are with the crew, passengers, and their families. We are in contact with our airline customer and stand by them in this difficult time. We are ready to assist in any way needed.
The crash takes place just few days ahead new Boeing CEO, David Calhoun officially take his role replacing Dennis Muilenburg.
You can read more about Boeing CEO on: Boeing CEO Dennis A. Muilenburg Resigns

ukraine air crash in iran
Both Black Box have been found 

However, no cause of the incident is out as of now as the investigation is being carried on. Being a popular aircraft around the world, the investigation will be viewed closely around the world.

However, after a day U.S. Officials said Missile were used to bring the flight down.

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Aero World expresses its condolence to those who have lost their family and friends in the incident.

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