Airbus Delivers First Airbus A350 With Touchscreen Cockpit To China Eastern Airlines

Airbus Delivers First A350-900 aircraft with Touchscreen Cockpit

Airbus has begun deliveries of A350s equipped with touchscreen cockpit displays after it was recently certified by EASA in November. The first A350 equipped with this display was delivered to China Eastern Airlines in Toulouse on 18th December.

This new feature is selected by around 20 airlines till the date of writing this article. This new feature will present enhanced operational efficiencies, greater crew interaction, cockpit symmetry and smoother information management.

Of the six large screens of  A350 cockpit, three can now become touch one, the lower center display along with two outer displays.

This new touchscreen feature facilitates ‘pinch-zooming’ and panning gestures and will facilitate more flexibility and better interaction between both pilots before takeoff, in-flight and during approach preparation.Only one pilot could interact at a time with the KCCU. However, during high turbulence, the test pilots say that Keyboard Cursor Control Unit (KCCU) is more stable and comfortable to use.

Airbus gained certification for this feature from European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in November, following a number of detailed testing on their A350-1000 testbud. After nearly a month they delivered an A350 to the Chinese airlines with the same touchscreen display cockpit.

Airbus continues to set the industry trends in aircraft cockpit design with these new interactive touchscreen displays in A350. With our partner Thales we are very proud to bring this technology to our customers, to enhance their aircrews’ operations.”

Patrick Piedrafita, Head of Airbus A350 XWB Programme.

China Southern Airlines may also use similar cockpit in days to come

The A350 XWB is equipped with new fuel-efficient Rolls-Royce engines. Its aerodynamic design, carbon fuselage and wings along with new engine translate into new height of operational efficiency with a 25 percent reduction in fuel burn and carbon emissions. As of  November, the A350 XWB Family order stands at 959 firm orders from a total of 51 customers from around the world.

Are other Airbus aircrafts also being updated with this feature?

As of 18th December Airbus has not indicated any plans to introduce the technology to other aircraft and also notes that there is a certain level of retrofit ability for the A350. This feature will be remaining as a customer option for now.

Of the 20 airlines backing this new feature China Eastern Airlines received its first A350 equipped with touchscreen cockpit display.

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